Yoga Therapy – Aananda Nagaraj

Course Details

  • Age: 18 & above
  • Batch size – 4 to 5 Learners
  • Medium of instruction: Tamil
  • Key Learning – Everyday fitness exercises, Diet tips, Meditation techniques. Learners will also gain Discipline, Memory Power, and Attention skills.
  • Kindly bring – Yoga mat and wear comfortable dress

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About the trainer

Aananda Nagaraj is practicing Yoga for 12 years. He is a certified Yoga trainer who is well versed in teaching Yoga for over 7 years now. He has completed his Diploma in Yoga Therapies in the Indian School of Yoga, Chennai. Through this course Learner Circle along with Aananda Nagaraj are bringing Yoga online to everyone at a much affordable price.

Aananda Nagaraj is actively teaching yoga as a therapy for chronic ailments such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Wheezing, and other irregularities. He has seen great results in regularising their health. He also provides effective remedies for daily ailments and chronic problems like back pain, neck pain etc.

He provides detailed explanation for the various Asanas and the reasons for doing it. When it comes to treating ailments he provides diet suggestions that can supplement the Yoga sessions. His meditation sessions help students calm down, focus on studies, improve memory, concentration and attention, and brings focus on overall health and harmony.

Regular practice of Yoga gives a boost to your immune system, memory, and focus. These yoga sessions activate the chakras and keep the overall health perfect for children and elders.

Learner Circle brings this online Yoga Therapy sessions from the best tutors and also ensures to provide individual attention to the participants by limiting the size of the batches. Our aim is to ensure that such valuable teachings are made affordable to everyone and benefits the society at large. These Yoga sessions are provided by live tutors through Zoom or Google Meet or such tools to ensure personal attention is provided to each and every yoga student.

Key Learning

  • Free exercise – Involves simple daily exercises to tone your muscles and improve flexibility
  • Surya Namaskar – Salute to the Sun or Sun Salutation, is a practice in yoga as exercise incorporating a sequence of some twelve gracefully linked asanas. This is the one key Asana that gives a full-body work-out.
  • Asanas – Simple Asanas that can ease basic problems like back pain, neck pain and also provide general fitness to your body. Certain asanas can help in losing weight through regular practice.
  • Pranayama – Breathing Exercise. Ten breathing exercises that can help you maintain a very healthy body and lung. This is very important in our current situation towards fighting Corona Virus which affects the Respiratory system.
  • Meditation – A simple technique to get started with Meditation.
  • Diet – Dietary tips to keep your body cool during this summer, maintain the balance and reduce body weight.

Note: Solid food intake should be restricted before 2 hours. Liquid food consumption should be restricted before an hour of the session.


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