The Becoming of India – Historical Storytelling by Kani Thiru


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Learning Session Details (1 Hour Session)

  • Duration – 1 hour
  • Age – Above 8 years
  • Batch size – 20 Learners
  • The medium of Instruction – Tamil 
  • Session Topic: Muhammad bin Qasim – the first Arab invader’s attack on the Indian sub-continent is a very interesting and critical part of Indian History.



Session 1: Muhammad bin Qasim – The first Arab invader’s attack on the Indian sub-continent is a very interesting and critical part of Indian History. 

Session 2: Gazhini and Ghori – Undoubtedly one of the greatest generals of  Islamic and Indian history. 

Session 3: Qutbuldin Aibak and iltutmish- After the assassination of Muhammad Ghori, Qutb-ud-din Aibak laid the foundation of the Slave Dynasty in Delhi. It is then followed by Iltutmish makes Indian history very interesting with lots of twists and turns.

Session 4: Balban and Qaiqabad-  The way Balban and Qaiqabad consolidated their kingdom is a quite interesting part of Indian History.


About the trainer


Kani Thiru is renowned for hosting a game show in Makkal TV called “Sol Vilayatu”. The game show made many people get in touch with many ancient Tamil words. Kani Thiru is loved by her audience for her proficiency in the Tamil language.

Kani Thiru believes, “We all have a fire burning in our heart for something. That is love for the Tamil language for me”. She loves reading historical novels and biographies. Her passion for the Tamil language is always expanding and she is always looking for opportunities to be explored. 

She is a stylist(Costume Designer for movies) for 10 years. She is a highly vibrant person and wants to share her knowledge with the learners here. “I believe that in every person and every situation there is something positive to look out for.”, she adds. Kani Thiru welcomes new ideas gracefully. She recognizes the importance of the collective contribution and arriving at a solution as a team. 

She shares her historical knowledge in her youTube channel. Various stories of men and women who are prominent in history are a part of her story series of “Oru oorula oru raja”.  This Story-telling session is mainly about many of the defining moments in Indian History. The backgrounds of the invasions and how India became Modern India that we are living in today. 

This is the most interesting storytelling session that you would have attended. This Learning Session is an absolute treasure for anyone who wants to know the Indian History in-depth and with the backgrounds and actual scenarios. She is highly admired by her followers/subscribers for her deep stories and treasure of knowledge that she has acquainted through years of learning and information gathering.

She is very passionate to share her knowledge with the younger generations. She proves that History classes need not be boring. She makes the session more impressive with her story sequences and the backstories that she has taken the effort to add. She is also very passionate to share the stories so that the younger generations keep in mind what they have learned. 

She makes sure that she takes you into an experience in that particular era. Are you ready to travel back in time? Are you the one who is yearning to listen to stories in Tamil that are soothing to your ears and enlightens your spirit? This is for you! Sign up and get anchored on our treasured history!

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  1. Leo prakash Solomon (verified owner)

    Good experience 👍. Looking forward for the next session.

  2. viji kumaresh (verified owner)

    The way of explaining about the history was nice and I like to join more session about this
    Thanks 😊

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