Terracotta Jewellery Making – Sreedevi Pavani


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Learning Session Details

  • Duration – 1 hour
  • Age – Above 9 years of age
  • Batch size – 10 to 20 Learners
  • The medium of Instruction – English, Telugu, and Tamil
  • Key Learning – Increased creativity, better understanding, heightened imagination.


Kindly Bring

  1. Terracotta clay
  2. Jhumka Mould
  3. Eyepins
  4. Earring hooks
  5. Headpins
  6. Black rope (for daily wear necklace)
  7. Stud cutters
  8. Tools (optional)

Do not be overwhelmed by the requirements. You will thoroughly enjoy this Learning Session. Make the most of your time and opportunities.

About the trainer

Sreedevi Pavani is a handicrafts trainer practising in IITM(L-Tap courses) for 5 years. Sreedevi has 10 years of experience in handicrafts. She also does Clay modelling and 3D clay painting. She also runs a business part time to sell her handmade jewellery. This Learning Session is exclusively available for you. 

Do you fancy making your own jewels? We even wish you make your earning out of this Learning Session. Is your imagination in want of a way to express. This is it then. Do not let this opportunity slip away from your hand. Where else can you gain this insight from a trainer next to you? See your art becoming a gateway of showcasing the vastness of your imagination.



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