Multi-Sensory Approach in Reading – Radha

Learning Session Details

  • Duration 1 hour
  • Age – 7 Years and Above
  • Batch size – 10 to 15 Learners
  • The medium of Instruction – English
  • Key Learning – Confidence in the usage of English Vocabulary and better executive functioning skills

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Kindly bring

Tray of sand, Bowl of water, play dough, a small bag of seeds, a small handy mirror, colour pencils, and their own old English textbook

About the trainer

Radha is a very self-motivated teacher having great social skills. She is working with a great passion for 10 years now. She has worked with children having different special needs and loves to work with uniqueness. She believes that learning is an experience and is strongly rooted in experiential learning. She is a teacher who concentrates on the holistic development of children

This Learning Session is aimed at using many senses to grab the attention of children who are differently-abled and help the Learners in reading and understanding. This is absolutely amazing for children who are finding it difficult to comprehend letters and words.