Learn French (Level A1) – Sharmila (Chennai)


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Learning Session Details (1-hour session)

  • Duration – 1 hour
  • Age – Above 10 years
  • Batch size – Up to 15 learners
  • The medium of Instruction – English, French, and Tamil
  • Key Learning – Speak French confidently and fluently in everyday situations.


Things to Know

  • For basic level A1, students need not know or carry anything.

Course Details

Session 1:

  • Topic: Les salutations(The greetings)
  • Communicative objective : Saluer et se présenter.(Greet and introduce yourself)
  • Grammar/Vocabulary : Les formules de politesse.

Session 2 : 

  • Topic: Comptons ensemble(Let’s count together)
  • Communicative objective : Êpeler les noms et compter.(spell the names and count)
  • Grammar/Vocabulary : L’alphabet, Les nombres de 1 à 20

Session 3:

  • Topic : Les copains(the friends)
  • Communicative objective : Présenter un objet/une personne(To introduce an object and a person)
  • Grammar/Vocabulary : Les verbe(être),les articles indéfinis,les pronoms sujets, le pluriel de noms

Session 4:

  • Topic: Devinez(Guess)
  • Communicative objective : Interroger sur les personnel/objets(ask about people/object)
  • Grammar/Vocabulary : Les professions,Les nombres cardinaux

Session 5:

  • Topic: Dans la classe(In the class)
  • Communicative objective: Décrire une personne(Describe a person)
  • Grammar/Vocabulary : Le verbe(avoir),les adjectifs

About the Inspirer

Sharmila is professionally a French language specialist who is working in Amazon Development Center. Previously she was a French facilitator in Gateway the complete school and in BVM international. Having a desire to learn her favorite foreign language, she learned French with a huge passion. Apart from exploring the French language, she loves to get artistic. She is such an energetic person who loves to share her knowledge with her peers. She provides appropriate guidance to attain competency in the French language as per their grade level. 

There is nothing more thrilling than being able to speak to the locals in their own language when you visit a foreign country. Well, now you can experience that amazing feeling too! Utilize this amazing opportunity of learning French from a well-experienced inspirer.


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