Looking to showcase your photography skill? Perfect! Here they come! 
Show us your creativity by snapping stunning photographs

Entry Deadline








Competition Details

Age: Above 15 years

Kindly send your snapped photos to Learner Circle within Wednesday, July 29, 2020, 5:59 pm IST.

Participants can send their photos to Learner Circle WhatsApp number +917010189101

Or can mail their photos to [email protected]

Theme for the Competition

“The world around us”

  1. Participants can snap images of the world around them. Your photo can be of anything, it can be your family members, nature, or the city where you live.
  2. The captured photo must have to convey the message related to the theme. The world you live in (be it studies or work or commute)
  3. Participants will be judged based upon the quality of the photo taken, storytelling (the image has to speak for itself), and composition.
  4. Participants are preferably asked to submit new photos that are taken for this competition and theme.



 Two categories are allowed

 1) Mobile Photography 

2) Digital Camera/DSLR

Rules of the competition

  1. Participants can choose only one category. 
  2. No Plagiarism allowed. Participants cannot submit photos that are not their own. Downloading another person’s images and submitting the same is not encouraged.
  3. Only one photo can be submitted based upon the chosen category. Choose wisely!
  4. From each category one winner will be picked.

1) Snaps of all stunning photographs will be featured in our Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn pages

2) Digital Certificates will be issued to the participants