Gone are the days where children spend their leisure time by drawing beautiful things. Nowadays, in this digital era, children are getting addicted to modern gadgets. As a result, it leads to an increase in screen time. But luckily there are interesting online drawing courses are on the line in learner circle to unleash your kid’s artistic skill.

With so many gadgets influencing toddlers’ life, it is quite challenging to engage them in human-to-human interaction activities.

When it comes to drawing, it is all about creativity and passion towards it. Children spend hours to express their emotions through drawing and sketching.

Again when it comes to drawing, a major concern for most of the parents is how to teach their child to draw properly.

Although there are many online drawing courses are available, it can’t beat the one with live sessions.

When it comes to a live session, it is fully filled with a massive amount of fun, interaction, knowledge transfer, and an engaging way of spending time.

In learner circle we offer many sessions that are related to drawing. These sessions are fully fun-filled, engaging, and definitely tickles your toddler’s curiosity bud to draw more and more each day.

Pencil Drawing and Sketching

If you are looking for a complete beginner course of drawing for your child then Pencil drawing and sketching course will definitely be a treat for your child.

It starts with the basics of drawing- Pencil holding, Drawing lines, and basic shapes. This course also deals with the concept of sketching.

Online drawing course-pencil drawing and sketching

So, at the end of the course, your kid not only learns to draw just shapes and figures but he/she becomes an expert in mastering the basics of drawing.

Whether it is your try to course correct or to learn the basics of pencil drawing and sketching, you can utilize this Learning Session to its fullest potential. 

Fine Art

Do you know there are different drawing techniques? Yes, there are various drawing techniques apart from just basic shapes and lines.

If you want your child to learn an intermediate level of drawing and want to unleash the true potential of your child’s drawing skill then this course will be a perfect match for your child.

Online drawing courses- fine arts

By pursuing Fine art course your child can translate photographs into drawing with extreme attention to detail and an exaggeration of reality.

At the end of the course, your child will definitely feel how rewarding the art of drawing was!


Untangle your child’s creativity with this fun and inspiring artwork. The Zentangle method helps aspiring artists create astonishing pictures and scenes through drawing abstract, structured patterns.

In addition to improving fine motor skills, Zentangles enables your child to draw connections between what he/she sees and does. An aspiring artist learns to draw various designs of their thoughts.

Online drawing courses- zentangle

Enjoy the art of making structured designs to create absolutely eye-catching art. This artwork can be so relaxing and can make your child create an impressive piece of drawing. Your kid will surely be surprised at how relaxed and creative they have become.

This fun and inspiring artwork will definitely takes your child’s artist venture to next level.

Drawing can be a piece of cake if you know the proper techniques, guidance, and a little bit of motivation to unleash the drawing master in your kid.

Still, what are you waiting for! Choose any one of the online drawing courses and let your kid discover their hidden talent in the field of drawing.

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