What is Origami?

Origami is the Japanese art of folding mostly a square sheet of paper into various shapes and figures. But if we think Origami is just folding of paper, what is exciting? Then think once more. Jhanvi is a 10-year-old who attends our Origami sessions regularly. 

A word from the Inspirer

Her Inspirer says, “Initially Jhanvi found it difficult to follow the instructions. But as she attended the classes regularly, I could clearly see a significant difference in her pace and understanding”.

Happy Mother

Jhanvi’s mother said, “Jhanvi was watching the Discovery Science Channel. Mummy Origami, Origami! She came running to me. I turned to see that they were showing the satellite panel opening. For a moment it did not strike me. Then I saw the satellite unfold to be so big.”


Better for life

When we develop a habit, eventually we will apply it to everything we do. We all know that Origami teaches children spatial knowledge, improves concentration, and focus. But a lot of adults now suffer from procrastination, “ We can do it later” attitude. This almost consumes a person’s time in the most unlikely manner.

Better for life

Beat Procrastination

There are lots of reasons why a person would procrastinate. Getting stuck in one point, fear of completion, fear of failure lead a person to be a master procrastinator. But Jhanvi has tapped out of it. Her mother shares with happiness that she now always completes any task that is given to her with confidence and ease.

Learn Prioritization

Origami also teaches prioritization. Many adults make unproductive use of time doing things of lesser priority first and have no time for high priority tasks and pile up their tasks. This is the best recipe for an unproductive individual. Origami teaches prioritization through the sequence of folds that we make. It is just a square sheet of paper. The different ways we fold it gives it different structures.

origami folding

Not just folding paper

Your creativity, persistence, and presence of mind is what matters to make Origami. These brain muscles develop over a period of time of practice. Training a child with an incredible art like Origami can help the child in the long run. Help your children to stand out from the crowd as they grow up.

Happy Member

Jhanvi’s mother is surprised to see that her child not only get to learn Origami, but also new languages, clay modeling, arts and crafts, and many more wonderful things from Learner Circle. She told, “I was surprised to learn, that the members can access all other courses. Even I would like to give terracotta jewelry making and quilling a try. There is no doubt I’ll love it.”

Freedom Learnathon!

Origami also improves hand-eye coordination immensely. What else improves your child’s hand-eye coordination and brain development? Try Learner Circle for free now. Learn from experts! Learn it right!

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