In the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Skincare routine has become a nightmare for many. This lockdown not only changed our lifestyle but it also made great impacts on Skincare. Luckily, Homemade face pack are there to help!

Due to the sudden change in food habits and normal daily routine, many might have faced some skin acne or hair loss problems.

Unfortunately, we can’t go for a costly treatment or can adapt to modern cure techniques during this period.

Well, with the help of basic ingredients that are available in our home we can make facemasks and can get fruitful results.

Before trying out the below-listed facepack make sure that the ingredients are not allergic to you. If you are feeling any irritation or facing any problems then it’s better to stop using it.

So let’s jump in right away to see the best Homemade face pack for glowing skin.

1) Honey and Cinnamon Homemade Face Pack

So, let’s start with the basic ingredients that are easily available in every kitchen. All you need for this facemask is just two ingredients- Honey and Cinnamon.

Honey and Cinnamon

Cinnamon is known for its antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, Cinnamon is a best feisty fighter for bacteria-laden pimples. Whereas, the sticky honey used to kickoff the acne scars.


To do this facemask follow the below procedure,

1) Take 2 teaspoons of honey and a teaspoon of Cinnamon powder and blend it nicely.

2) Leave the blended mixture on your face for about 10-15 minutes and wash it off with water.

3) Repeat it daily for a week and see your fruitful results.

2) Magic of Cucumber Homemade Face Pack

Cucumber is not only a healthy ingredient to eat but it also acts as a cooling factor for acne-scarred skin.

Cucumber homemade face pack

The high water content in cucumber moisture your skin and prevents dehydration of your skin. 


To make this magical homemade face pack follow the below procedure,

1) Cut the cucumber into small pieces and blend it nicely to a paste.

2) Add 3 teaspoons of curd and mix it well.

3) Apply the mixture and keep it on for half an hour before washing off.

4) Repeat it once a day for a week to get better results.

3) Power of Aloe Vera and Turmeric

Aloe vera is a natural calming ingredient. It can be very helpful if acne is very inflamed and irritated to help calm the skin.

This Aloe vera plant also has naturally-occurring salicylic acid and sulfurTrusted Source, which makes it an ideal fighting opponent of acne, especially for people with oily skin.

Aloe vera and turmeric

Turmeric on the other hand has tremendous antibacterial properties that help in fighting the acne bacteria in pores.


To know the power of aloe vera and turmeric try following the below procedure,

1) Take half a cup of aloe vera gel, if you are wiping off the gel from aloe vera plant be more careful about the sharp edges.

2) Mix a teaspoon of turmeric powder in it and blend it well.

3) Apply the mask and keep it on for 15-20 mins before washing off. Repeat the same once a day for a week to see better results.

4) All you have is Coconut and Turmeric powder? Perfect!

Coconut is definitely the super-food with almost every food expert swearing by its healing powers. 

Coconut milk homemade face pack

If you have Coconut milk and turmeric powder, then you’ve got your very own acne-fighting squad.


Follow the below procedure to make a quick facepack,

1) First Prepare coconut milk and take 2-3 teaspoons of coconut milk in a bowl.

2) Add 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric and leave it aside for about 2-3 minutes.

3) Apply the mixture and let the mixture rest on your face for about 8 minutes before ashing off.

4) Repeat it twice a day for a week.

5) Bountiful Besan

Your mom, aunt, and neighbors have likely previously filled you in on the advantages of this mystical ingredient called besan (otherwise called gram flour).

Besan homemade face pack

Besan powder has magical power when it comes to face acne. It is a great source of face acne fighter.


Follow this magical procedure to remove your face acne.

1) Take two teaspoons of besan powder.

2) Add a teaspoon of warm honey into the mixture and mix it well.

3) Let the pack set in your face until it dries. Wash it off once the pack dries.

4) Repeat it once a day and definitely you will see better results in a short time.

You can also maintain healthy skin by following some of the Traditional Ethnic foods diets. 

Traditional ethnic foods

Before applying the above homemade face pack for pimples make sure your skin is thoroughly cleansed and your pores are ready. 

To relax your skin, do a self-steam with a hot towel to help loosen dead skin cells and debris. But if you have rosacea, psoriasis, or severe acne, ask a dermatologist. 

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