Looking for interesting arts and craft projects to keep your little kids busy and creatively engaged? Then we have the perfect collection of arts and crafts ideas to do at home with paper. 

Try these paper crafts and deck your walls with colorful and eye-catching art. These engaging activities will put an end to excessive screen time for kids.

Let’s begin with crafty fun!

Dancing Paper Pinwheel

Are you planning to take a trip to the nearby beach anytime soon? Then you should take a paper pinwheel along with you! 

Your kid can dance to the beats of the wind with this super quick and engaging paper craft activity.

Dancing paper pinwheel

 If you are not living nearby the sea, then you can go to your terrace and enjoy a fun, breezy evening with the paper pinwheel.

Your child will

  1. Improve his/her hand coordination.
  2. Learn about air movement.
  3. Minimize the usage of screen time.

Kite Paper Craft

Doing kite papercraft is so fun and rewarding. Let your kid create their very own version of a paper kite.

Kite flying is a nostalgic part of your life if you are the 90s born kid. Carefully crafting the favorite kites and learning the knack of cutting the neighbor’s kites is absolutely a rewarding feeling.

Kite paper craft

It’s time to teach your child about the art of flying kites with this fun kite papercraft activity!

Your child will

  1. Understand the force of the wind.
  2. Boost his/her motor skill.
  3. Enhance his/her curiosity.

Paper Craft Butterflies

Butterflies are the most beautiful creature in the garden. If it’s hard to catch a butterfly, why not make a one!

Imagine how amazing it would be to make butterflies out of paper? Fluttering all around the house! 

Paper craft butterflies

Take a set of colored papers and create these winged wonders along with your toddler!

Your child will

  1. Improve his/her hand-eye coordination.
  2. Enhance his/her creativity.
  3. Develop fine motor skills.

Paper Craft 3D Cubes

Are you Looking for unique ways to teach your child about different shapes?

 How about 3D cubes? Wait, it’s not the one with complex structure, just a simple Paper 3D Cubes. You can see that your child will enjoy doing this activity all day long.

3D Cubes arts and crafts ideas

 It not only strengthens his/her hand-eye coordination but it also provides them a clear understanding of shapes and figures.

Your child will

  1. Understand shapes and figures.
  2. Improve his/her hand-eye coordination.
  3. Enhances his/her focus.

Postage Stamp

Do you want an activity that will take you for a trip down memory lane? Remember the good old’ letter-writing days when you would walk miles to the local store to buy a postage stamp!

postage stamp arts and crafts ideas

Well, we have come up with our very own version of a postage stamp that definitely kindles your toddler’s curiosity to know more about what it is.

Your child will

  1. Learn about history.
  2. Enhance his/her curiosity.
  3. Realize the importance of stamp.

Paper Craft Flower Bunch

Engage in an artistic papercraft today! Let’s create a bunch of colorful papercraft flowers.

Papercraft flower bunch is simple, beautiful, elegant, and everlasting craftwork. If your child wants to do some productive craftwork then these papercraft flowers are absolutely a great choice.

paper crafts flower

This papercraft flower bunch can also be used as a decorative item at home.

Your Child will,

  1. Learns to be calm and composed.
  2. Understand the beauty of elegance.
  3. Enhances his/her creativity.

Origami Paper Bird

Crafting origami paper bird is one of the most fun and rewarding artwork.In fact, it is one of the best arts and crafts idea to do at home. All you need is just a piece of paper and a sketch pen.

This ancient artwork is becoming popular among parents and kids. Why not try to teach this to your kid!

origami arts and crafts ideas

In case, if you are wondering how to create an attractive origami bird, head straight towards this tutorial video of Origami bird making.

Your child will

  1. Learn the importance of papercraft.
  2. Improves his/her hand-eye coordination.
  3. Develops fine motor skills. 

Choose any one of this fun and interesting arts and crafts ideas and let your create wonders with a piece of paper.

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