Have you observed that most of your children are complaining about neck and eye pain these days? This is purely due to the impact of over engaging screen time in children.

Mostly you can observe your kid while watching television or mobile phones they will slouch, bend, sit in a zig-zag position. All of these will result in a spline alignment.

So you may think how screen time is related to it! Well, the more your child gets addicted to screens, the more this spine alignment will occur.

Experts say this change in spine alignment has a direct correlation to their blood circulation resulting in impairment of brain development.

Here are some impacts of too much screen time on a kid’s physiology.

Vision Problems

Many of you’ll surely agree that the number of children wearing spectacles nowadays. This is much more than that during our childhood!

children vision problems

Researchers say that constant exposure to screen lights (Blue lights) will lead to poor vision and will cause vision problems in the future. 

This poor vision generally results in the need for spectacles, making it difficult for your kid to participate in sports and other activities. This will result in lower self-esteem and may lead to psychological related problems.

Obesity Issues

According to many researchers, obesity is the major problem that is faced by almost most of the children these days. 

Eventhough obesity is directly linked to food, it is arising due to the excess amount of screen time. If your child is not taking part in any outdoor games and physically related activities then it will result in excess amount of obesity.

Screen time in children leads to obesity

As a result of increasing interactions with electronic gadgets, kids spend prolonged times idly sitting in one place, without doing any physical activities.

This kind of laziness will result in making them “couch potatoes”. This in turn contributes to the increase in obesity.

Anxiety and Depression

A child who spends more time on screen is likely to be either anxious or depressed when asked to get off screen. You may have already seen this with your child.

You may observe most of the time your child will argue with you and tries to extend their screen time for some more time.

Screen time in children leads to depression

But the sad fact is, in today’s fast-paced environment parents are encouraging this kind of screen time. For instance, a child argues that he/she will eat only by seeing cartoons on mobile phones.

Most of the time your child won’t know what they are actually eating and simply dumps everything in their mouth. This will highly lead to not being socialized- which in turn results in anxiety and depression. 

Do not encourage your child in screen times during eating, this is not a healthy habit to be followed!

Less Physical Activity

When your child gets addicted to their screen time, they are less likely to move. More screen time in children will result in lower adrenaline and lower blood circulation around the body of your child.

With tonnes of fun, interesting and engaging content available on-screen, physical activity will seem more of an unwanted task to your children.

lesser physical activity in children

However, lack of physical activity leads to a lack of exercise for the muscles and body, lack of getting fresh air and body movement. All of these are essential for a child’s development.

Physical and extra-curricular activities also provide an opportunity for a kid to make new friends and learn new skills. Thus, with no engagement in physical activity, the child’s ability to socialize also diminishes.

Affects Posture

Have you at any point seen how your kid sits while utilizing the cell phone? Do you recollect the Facebook image where individuals are molded like an ‘f’ to show how dependent all have become? 

Indeed, it isn’t only an image. In the wake of connecting with these devices for some time, that is the way both you and your kid usually end up sitting.

Televisions are no lesser offenders either. Kids staring at the TV for the most part sit with their heads slanted aside. This generally influences their stance, prompting neck torment.

more screen time affect posture in children

Overabundance time in front of gadgets affects your child’s posture. Over screen time in children forces your youngster to remain in unhealthy postures for prolonged periods. Thus it results in severe neck pain.

We all know that keeping your child engaged during this pandemic situation is a quite challenging task. It doesn’t mean that you must promote screen time. 

Instead of engaging them the whole day in cartoons shows make your kid engage in some of the online classes that promote creativity and imagination– at least for an hour a day.

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