Are you the one who does not want to give store-bought greeting cards and printed invitations? Hand made cards are no match for store-bought printed cards. Gift your loved ones with the wonderful handmade greeting from your heart using punch craft.

Punch Craft tools you’ll need:

  • Craft papers
  • Different types of craft punches
  • Embossing tool (Read Below for DIY Embossing Tool)
  • Embossing pad (Read Below for DIY Embossing Pad)
  • Paper Cutting Knife
  • Scale
  • Glue

Craft Papers

Craft papers come in different sizes, colors, and materials. Choose the best-suited one for the design that you have in mind. If you are going to make paper flowers and other designs with an embossing tool, go for a thicker paper.

Craft Papers

Craft Punches

Craft punches come in various shapes and sizes. A wide range of craft punches is available online. Get a bunch of them to start your punch crafted card. This could be the easiest way around to make wonderful and impressive cards

Craft punches

Embossing Tool

So, This can be used to make paper flowers and embossed designs. You can make embossing with spoons, knife etc., that we have at home. Any stick with rounded edge can be used to embossing as well

Embossing tool

Embossing Pad

This pad helps in getting the embossing done. If this is not available, you can make a DIY Embossing Pad by wrapping a soft towel on cardboard or wrapping a sponge sheet on an exam pad.

Embossing pad


Tweezers are used to place the different embossed designs carefully over the glue without messing your hands.


Cut various strips and size them according to your card.

  • Punch your card’s edges (Don’t throw away the punched out designs you can use them to do more designs and confetti)
  • Glue the various strips that are punched and arrange them beautifully
  • Emboss few flower designs and place one design over the other with the help of a tweezer. 
  • Glue them together to make an embossed design
  • Stick the lovely embossed floral design on the card.
Punch craft

Here you have the card. Join the Punch Craft session from Learner Circle for free to up your DIY game.

Do you want to take your DIY card to a whole new level?

Handwritten notes make a DIY card more meaningful. Calligraphy + Punch Craft is a wonderful combination to make stunning and impressive cards. 

DIY card

To make wonderful Calligraphy all you need is:

  • Different Calligraphy brushes and pens
  • Scale 
  • Pencil

Learn to make different letterings. Join Calligraphy session from Learner Circle. 

Write a loving note to make your card the most meaningful and unforgettable one. It is impossible to not make the best impression.

DIY Card

Share your love with handmade wonders!

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