Dear Learners,

Kindly read the guidelines carefully for a pleasant experience in Learner Circle. We have carefully formulated these guidelines to give you a smooth Learning Session.

Step 1: Download the “Zoom” app from Google’s Play / Apple Store if you are using a mobile to join the Learning Session. 

Android users: Download Zoom

iOS users:  Download Zoom 

Desktop/Laptop users: Download Zoom (Windows). You may view all the options available for download here.

Kindly Have the Zoom App downloaded well in advance to avoid last-minute effort.

Step 2: Join the Learning Session using the link that is provided in the invite that will be shared to you after the registration

10 minutes before the Learning Session. (For Eg. If your Learning Session is at 4 30 pm kindly do the following at 4 10 pm.) If you are joining through the mobile, the link should automatically take you to the Learning Session

If you are joining through the laptop, click the link which will open in your default browser/ copy-paste the link in a browser. You can either download zoom or run zoom from the browser itself.

Step 3: In the Zoom app enter Meeting ID and in the “Your Name” enter (Your name + Register number)

You might be prompted to enter the meeting code. This will also be provided in the invite mail.

Step 4: Yay! You’ve joined. Our Inspirer is waiting for you in the classroom!

Step 5: There is a chat in the Zoom meeting. Text your Name and Registration Number in the Chat to confirm your attendance.

Highly recommended practices during the Learning Session

  • Kindly join the Learning Session well ahead of time. At least 15 to 20 minutes before the Learning Session. This can help you have a smooth experience.
  • Text your Name and registration number in the chat for your attendance check.
  • Our Inspirers (Teachers) will guide you on how to initiate discussions during the session
  • Please stay on mute to avoid any confusion or noise during the Learning Session
  • If you encounter a problem, please contact our support admin 

WhatsApp support number: +91 7010189101 and Support Email ID: care@

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