Have you ever wondered how rewarding the brain games are? In this era of the digital world luckily still we are left with wonderful Brain games for kids.

Let’s all assume a scenario. It’s 6 o’clock in the evening, your little one wants to watch that cartoon that they just love but you just want them to do something a little more productive. 

So to keep them distracted and reduce the screen time in your child you attempt saying “why don’t we read books” and guess what next happens! Yes, that utter look of objection on your child’s face.

Well, what if there is a way to make learning and brain development fun! There are a variety of brain games for kids and several activities that will keep them away from screens.

 It helps them to develop their thinking, all while keeping them entertained and their minds stimulated.

As a child grows learning and development are steadily happening, but you must ensure that learning happens with positive reinforcements.

There are various skills acquired while playing attentive mind games for kids. This includes Analytical thinking, Spatial Awareness, Creativity, and more.

Here is a list of awesome mind-boggling brain games for kids.

#1 Block Building

Building blocks have been the most common basic brain games for kids since the beginning of time and have remained a constant in the ‘toy-sphere’.

Make your child build blocks of different colors and sizes and that’s it! Let your kid explore the blocks and let your kid’s imagination run wild.

Building Blocks

Even experts say that building blocks from younger age nurture shape/color recognition, creativity, spatial awareness, and so much more.

If possible play with your kid, create simple and interesting patterns with blocks, have your little one try to copy the patterns. This is a simple way to help your kid understand more about patterns.

#2 Scavenger Hunt

This type of brain development game helps your child to follow instructions. It enhances attention, develops language, and increases their spatial awareness.

Scavenger Hunt Brain Games for Kids

Moreover, it helps your kid to find a targeted item in a cluttered environment which improves your child’s cognitive systems.

In fact, Indoor Scavenger hunt is the best brain games for kids to keep them occupied for hours!

#3 Math Brain Games for Kids

A simple math brain game helps your child to enhance his/her numeracy skills. This type of math game enhances your kid’s basic mathematical skills.

One of the best math brain games is Dice War. To play this game with your kid all you need is a dice and some counting elements, say, pebbles, buttons, etc.

Math Brain Games for Kids

You play the game by taking turns rolling dice and you calculate the number on the dice.

The player with a higher number gets to take a pebble or button from the other player. The player who has all the elements at the end is the winner! This is a quite simple yet fun game to play with your kid.

#4 Role Play

Role play is a great brain development activity as it plays a critical role in a child’s cognitive and social development.

Role Play helps your child to develop language skills, social and emotional skills, and nurtures imagination and improves understanding of the world around them.

Role Play

Ask your child to dress up as their favorite character and let them narrate the story to you. This will be a fun way to spend time and simultaneously it will stimulate your kid’s thought process.

#5 Brain Teasers and Puzzles

Brain Teasers and puzzles can be fun for the whole family! They are a great way to develop your kid’s spatial perception, coordination, problem-solving, cognitive skills, and fine motor skills.

There are plenty of puzzles available for you to play with your kid. Tangrams and board puzzles, even you can indulge your kid in Scrabble and Sudoku.

Brain Teasers and Puzzles

Crosswords, logical puzzles, and Rubik’s cubes are sure-fire brain teasers! You can even try some of the brain games for kids online like quiz, solve the mystery, and more.

So, the next time your child gets bored and indulges more in screen times, just pick any of these awesome brain games and start your fun time with your kid!

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