It is always easy to grab a pencil and start doodling. However, you should help your child develop their creativity. In this digital era, there are still plenty of drawing ideas for kids are available.

You can start by teaching your child how to draw houses, pictures of your families, animals, fruits, vegetables. These are some of the easiest things to draw. 

But, as your kid grows you can challenge them to draw things with a bit more detail. For example, make them add trees and a flying kite and clouds. 

Here is the list of some of the basic drawing ideas for kids to start their drawing venture.

#1 Watercolor and Zentangle

Zentangle is the easiest, fun-filled, and relaxed way of drawing. All you need to have is just paper, pencil, and watercolor.

Zentangle drawing idea
  • Take a paper and ask your kid to draw any of the patterns and shapes, say, circle, square, heart, etc. 
  • Then ask them to fill the pattern with lines and designs.
  •  Additionally, watercolor background helps these patterned shapes pop attractively.

This is one of the simple and easiest drawing ideas for kids. In case, if you don’t know about zentangle, there are tons of online resources to help you get started with Zentangle art.

#2 Doodling

If you are looking for a super simple drawing idea that will keep your little artists entertained for hours, then doodling is the best option to go with.

Doodling drawing idea
  • Take a paper and ask your child to create a single-line scribble/swirl using a thick black marker.
  • Then make your child fill each organically-created shape with a different color, texture, or pattern. 
  •  Your child can take it one step further by finding hidden monsters and critters in their drawings. 

Doodling is great because your kid never knows what they might develop. This doodle art is also so rewarding and refreshing kind of artwork, which helps your kid in enhancing their brain motor skills.

#3 Optical Illusion drawing ideas for kids

Optical Illusion may sound like adult stuff of drawing. But the basics of understanding start with younger age.

Optical Illusion Drawing helps kid drawers begin to understand how to create three-dimensional art. It teaches them to solve logical problems as they grow.

Optical illusion drawing idea for kid
  • Ask your child to take paper and multi-color sketch pens.
  • Then by using a thin black marker, ask them to draw a wavy line from one edge of the paper to the other edge.
  • Next, add some dots along the wavy line and connect those dots.
  • Then continue adding lines connecting those dots. By continuing the same process it will show an optical illusion pattern at the end.
  • To really achieve that dynamic stunning moving effect, be sure to darken each color at its edges.

At first, it may look difficult, but once your kid gets used to it then your kid will spend hours on getting the moving effect right.

#4 Observational Drawing

One of the great lessons you can teach your kid to draw what they observe around them. It not only improves your kid’s drawing skills, but it also enhances their observing power.

Observational drawing ideas for kids
  •  Arrange a still life or better yet, have your little artists scout out their own scene to draw.
  • Encourage your kid to draw from what they have observed.
  • This is a great timing activity to do: try a quick sketch in five minutes, the second draft in ten, and a finished drawing in an hour. 

This observational drawing not only improves their observing skill, but it also enhances their time management capability.

#5 Hand Tracing Ideas

This is one of the traditional drawing forms that has been practiced for ages. These interesting tracing ideas will help kids get their creativity flowing.

Hand tracing drawing ideas for kids
  • Ask your kid to trace their hand on the paper with a pencil.
  • Then fill the pattern with zentangle designs are random designs.
  • Watercolors and sketch pens can also be used to designs the colors.

No matter what, Drawing is the most rewarding activity for your kid to follow. By practicing drawing from a young age your kid’s creativity and visual learning capability will improve highly. 

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