Bringing you the amazing boredom-buster ways to keep your kids creative. Just explore these easy craft ideas for kids to make at home.

School started, kids are getting busy with academics, but it doesn’t mean that they have to spend their time solidly only in studies. Children need some relaxation time and want to do some out-of-the-box stuff.

The perfect way to spend your kid’s leisure time is by making them do easy and fun crafts. Crafts will enhance your child’s creativity and make them do more innovative stuff regularly.

These fun craft ideas will entertain your child at home. If you really want to unleash your little one’s crafty face then check out our easy craft ideas for kids to do at home.

#1 Go Green!

This fun project doubles up your kids’ activities in one. Your kid not only gets messy by painting the pot but once your kid decorated the plant pot, they can add some soil and seed to grow something too. 

Clay craft

If you have an artistic child, just grab a terracotta pot and some paints and just let them go at it. 

In case if you want your child to explore into the next level, try stenciling motifs onto a pot or building their own out of air-drying clay. Even you can visit the making procedure of mini clay pots to know more.

#2 Puzzle Time

It is important to include arts and crafts ideas that will stimulate your little one’s brains. 

From fun mazes to interesting dot-to-dots or word searches, ask your child to make their own puzzles. It is a fun way of getting them creatively playing with words and numbers. 

Puzzle craft ideas

If your child is not confident at first, sit with your child and teach them what you know and after some time let them explore on their own to know more.

#3 Discover Easy Origami

One of the simple ideas in this round-up to make instantly as all you need is some paper to get going. 

Head to our tutorial for how to create a paper bird or head straight to our origami course section to learn more about this rewarding art. 

Easy craft ideas for kids

Origami is not just a paper artwork, origami-inspired hundred of scientific innovations in today’s modern world. You can’t beat the fun of this creative and simple craft idea for sure! Try it.

#4 Tube Roll Animals 

Make your own zoo-full of all creatures by grabbing some loo rolls and reaching for a few basic art and craft supplies. 

You don’t need much! few crayons, pens or paints, some cut-up magazines, and glue can be used to transform simple tubes into creepie and friendly farm animals. 

If you want an inspiration boost, head to Hative for 60 Homemade Animal Themed Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Why halt at animals? Extend the challenge by asking your kids to turn tube rolls into creatures or characters from their favorite books or games – Harry Potter? Trolls? Narnia?

#5 Sock Animals

Turn unused socks into creepy and funny animals. A simple sock puppet is not only easy to make but it also enhances your child’s storytelling capability.

All you will need is a sock, pink pompom, black pompom, googly eyes, scissors, and glue. Let your child go with the flow!

Easy Craft ideas for kids

Your child can create various creative animals just by using a pair of socks. If you want your kid to explore more rather than doing a simple sock puppet, then head straight towards this to know fancy sock ideas for kids.

#6 Savings Box

Last yet not least! If you have any unused cardboard box with you just give it your child and ask them to make savings box.

It is not only a fun and simple craftwork, but it also encourages them to develop the habit of saving money.

Easy craft ideas for kids

Ask your kid to take an empty cardboard box and paint them as any one of the cartoon characters. After finishing their craftwork ask them to save money and keep it to themselves.

As days rolls on, in the future they will realize the importance of this simple craftwork.

These easy craft ideas for kids will keep them entertained for hours!

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