Did you know? It takes 20 minutes to get back to work from a distraction? Author of “The 5AM Club”, Robin Sharma famously says, that we leave a part of our attention in our mobile phone every time we check it. How many times have you just spent a good 30 minutes after looking at the notification that said, “XXYYXXZ liked your post” on social media?

A minute of silence for everyone who scrolls directly to youTube when you swipe up your home screen. Let us know how much time your social media has consumed. Now, this is going to be real and thus scary so, take courage.

Mobile phone

If you are using your android device that is updated, go to setting →  Digital Wellbeing and Parental Control. Touch “Your digital wellbeing tools”. Your phone shows a pie chart. Don’t be disheartened. What is important is to improve and show up better tomorrow. Here’s how you can do it.

#1 Set timer to use most distracting apps

Digital Distractions gives way for procrastination, saps creativity, and diminishes productivity.  Does that mean that you have to cancel social media completely from your list? Nope. Give a specific time to enjoy. This tells us that our mind is relaxed and ready for work. Click on Dashboard. You can set a timer for each app. This can help you greatly to restrict your social media activity. Once your time is over the app will be paused for the day.

man using phone

#2 Set Bedtime

Set your bedtime right! Sleep is a healing and repairing process. Social media and digital distractions keep many sleepless at night. Scrolling endlessly over newsfeed and watching the next video over and over again leaves a big percentage of the population sleep-deprived and with many sleeping disorders

Bedtime phone usage

The blue light from the phone and other gadgets is said to reduce the quality of sleep. The nighttime mode switches the phone to grayscale which is not too flashy for the eyes and helps your feel sleepy and gets good quality sleep. Good quality sleep = Productive day!

#3 Focus Mode

You are most productive when you have no distractions, nothing to reply, and nothing to note. This is the best time to tap into your flow state. When you tap into your flow state your creativity is at its peak. 


Start working hours together with productive breaks or naps in between. Focus mode gives you slot of time where you’ll not receive any notifications and remain focused on the task at hand.

#4 Parental Controls

You can set controls on the device that your child uses. It is painful to watch children moving from one pointless video to another. Create a digitally safe environment for your child by placing some necessary restrictions. Encourage your child to have more real-time play and activities that need physical activity. 

Little boy watching movies

Learn and Grow instead

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Little boy learning

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