Having your child at home for long days during this pandemic and keeping them occupied is definitely a challenging task for most of the parents nowadays. Especially, finding creative ways to reward your child is a way lot challenging!

Well, it’s not that difficult anymore! Let them help you around the house and in turn show your token of appreciation to your child.

So, how can you show your appreciation? Well, it’s quite simple! Give them a small gesture of reward, it not only makes them good about their choices but also reinforces that what they are learning or doing is right.

“Rewarding is not about expensive gifts, prizes, and things it’s all about how much quality time you spend with your child.”

So, just settle down and read these 7 simple yet creative ways to reward your child.

#1 Nostalgia 

Share your beautiful golden old days with your child. Take those nostalgic photo albums which are been lying for so long time on your shelf. 

Child seeing photo albums

Settle down with your child. Share those golden moments and funny incidents with your child. Your little one will surely enjoy knowing more about your golden old days!

By sharing the style of living, you can make your child realize how your life was in the olden days.

#2 Show off your dance moves

Nothing like being a fool in front of your child than by dancing! Show off your cool dance retro dance moves.

Whenever your kid accomplishes something unique and creative reward them with some of your cool signature moves. Get up and dance with your kid.

child dancing with parents

Let your kid select a couple of melodies and afterward move to the tunes close by them. Ask them to teach you some of their signature moves.

#3 Reward your Child with Bedtime Stories

If you are pressed for time at bedtime regularly, then reward your child with a bedtime story. It is surely a must-try!

child bedtime stories

Grab your child’s favorite book and read them out. Try to make modulation in your voice tone while reading.

If possible encourage your younger one to read along with you! A fascinating bedtime stories with lot’s of love is one of the best rewards your child can get from you.

#4 Game Time- A fun reward to your child

Rather gifting those expensive video games and toys, go and sit with your child and play an interesting game with them.

Game time with family

Board games, Hide and seek, freeze game are some of the games your kid will like and unquestionably a rewarding time for your child as you try to stand like a statue.

Games along with giggling teach your kid the importance of team management and sportiveness.

#5 Food for the day- Perfect reward for your child

Maybe, when your youngster finishes a tough or simple task, they can pick the dish for the afternoon. Plus, you can ask them to lend you a hand.

kid cooking food with mom

Cooking your kid’s favorite dish along with your child is so rewarding and it will definitely brighten up your youngster’s day.

By making this a regular habit you can make them realize the importance of homemade foods.

#6 Paper Crafts

Buying a toy plane and rewarding your kid is not possible in this pandemic, well you can create your own toy plane just by using some papers and glues.

paper crafts

You can also unleash your child’s craftiness by encouraging them to do more paper craftworks.

If possible teach your kid a few paper-folding techniques as you go. This will make your kid realize how rewarding to play with the homemade toys.

#7 Quizzy Time

Here is a chance for your kid to ask you questions! Your kid could choose a topic and quiz you. Make sure to keep the timer and participate!

Hope you know the answers to their questions! By doing this regularly your kid learns more by searching questions for you.

quiz time

If your kid is a Quizzy wizard, then make them participate in some of the world-class quiz events and let them unleash their true potential.

As already said, rewards are not all about gifts and things it’s all about your love and care towards your child!

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