Complimenting others in their own language is one of the nicest ways to make them feel happy. Compliments can also brighten someone’s day.

Compliments are so powerful because they can make others feel valued, or important.  

Also, according to a research study compliments stimulate the same area in the brain (the striatum) that activates when you’re given/receive money.

French Compliments tend to be simple and to the point. There are several French compliments that you can say to brighten’s someone day.


” Beau Travail” phrase refers to “good job” within the English language. This Phrase can be often used to tell someone directly that they have done something well.

It can also be used in a situation where you want to praise someone for completing their task.

Good job in french

A thumps up gesture along with this phrase will be a great appreciation for someone’s accomplishments.


Many of us might have noticed this word while watching talent shows on television. This word is mostly used by judges to appreciate someone’s talent.


“Bravo” refers to “Super” in English. This former French compliment has become widely used by the audience and judges applauding actors on a stage.

This word can also be used to compliment someone on personal achievement or a task well done.


The phrase “c’est trop bien” refers to “it’s so good” within the English language. This phrase is usually used as an expression.

Good in French

You can use this phrase to express something, it may be a tasty dish or a fancy dress or anything that looks so appealing.

This phrase is more familiar and it is used by the youngsters widely. It’s also the best way to compliment someone’s effort.


“C’EST GÉNIAL” is a widely used expression in the French language. This phrase refers to “It’s Great” in English.

This phrase can be used in numerous situations, such as in response to someone’s achievement.

Its Great in French

You can use this phrase to appreciate someone’s work of art, hobby, sport, or any of their activity to motivate them personally.

Vous êtes un ami génial

“Vous êtes un ami génial” this phrase refers to “You are an awesome friend.” This phrase can be used to express your happiness and emotions to your friend.

Expressing your emotions to your friend and letting them know that they are a great friend will make them feel so happy.

Appreciating friend

Telling a close friend how wonderful and amazing they are is a lovely way to show your appreciation of all the great things they do for you.

It may even increase your bonding! Try telling them this to your friends and capture those golden moments. Definitely, you won’t regret it.

J’adore votre cuisine

This phrase refers to “I love your Cooking.” Many of us tasted delicious yummy dishes done by our mother, wife, or friend, but most of us failed to express our gratitude towards them.

Showing your appreciation for delicious dishes is integral to French etiquette, so this is a very useful phrase.

Appreciating cooking

Appreciating someone for their cooking makes them happier. It even makes them feel so overwhelming.

Try to appreciate your mother’s or wife’s cooking today and see how happy they feel. It’s so precious to watch!

Vous avez de bons goûts

If you are invited to someone’s house, you can compliment them on their amazing interior by saying this phrase.

This phrase refers to “You have good taste” within the English. you’ll also use this phrase to understand someone’s outfit or also can appreciate someone’s way of approach and thinking.

Complimenting their taste

Complimenting them by using this phrase will be a really good appreciation and a matter of satisfaction for them.

Using compliments is a great way to show your appreciation for peoples and hopefully, this list of compliments will help you get started at incorporating more compliments in your French!  

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