Are you a passionate artist who loves to draw but run out of ideas? Learn how to sketch creative and simple easy things to draw when you are bored. 

From your favorite characters to realistic 3D Drawing there are lot’s on the line. Practice your drawing skills and add these to your creative collection. Boredom is not really boring anymore!


#1 Comic Characters

Who wouldn’t want to kill your boredom with a little surprising element?

Comic Drawing

Make your own little comic character narrating your own way of excessive boredom or if it is imaginary stories, sketch a general comic characters of the whole episode.

#2 Nature and Earth

The picture of Earth is bound to bring back a million school days’ memory to each one of us. 

Nature and earth

Draw out an environmental theme like air pollution, water pollution, melting of the ice, deforestation, global warming, etc. There are really awsome theme drawings on Earth. If you are a nature person, you can draw trees, clouds, waterfalls, etc.

#3 Abstract Shapes

At the point when boredom nearly kills you, kill it back with conceptual drawings and abstract shapes

Abstract shapes

You can start with the fiercely unique piece of modern art. For instance, the way that you could make a charming cupcake out of an oval shape reinstates that abstract is art.

#4 Draw Realistic Eyes

Drawing eyes is something all of us have tried at some peak of boredom. 

Eye drawing

Not all of our eye’s drawings would look so realistic and half of us would end up drawing funny eyes. But the point is the more you draw the more you can crack the realistic drawing.

#5 Doodling

Doodling is the most fun and easy things to draw when you are bored. 


Doodles refer to small drawings that can have an embedded meaning or a collection of tiny meaningless drawings. 

If you are looking out for some doodle ideas, there are lots of online resources available related to doodling.

#6 Mehendi Designs

Drawing Mehendi Designs is one of the creative stuff to do during your boredom time. 

Mehendi designs

 Well, juice up your spare time to draw up unique designs of Mehendi and you could even make a collection of your drawings for the festive seasons. 

#7 Simple Landscapes

You might have seen magnificent landscapes and beautiful hotspots during your vacation. Well, now its time to rethink those refreshing memories!

Landscape drawing

Try to portrait those landscapes which you have seen on vacation. It not only kills your boredom time but also makes you feel happy.

#8 Shading Things

This simple drawing exercise is not only great for killing boredom, but also makes simple objects to look more real. 


In fact, shading objects really brings them to life. Try shading simple shapes such as a circle, star, heart, and watch how they change.

#9 Fly high with Butterfly!

Imagine drawing two cute wings with cute little body and here you go! You have your very own Butterfly.

Butterfly drawing

If you have done these tons of time then aim for perfect realistic butterfly drawing. Look high and aim further!

#10 Emoticons

In this digital world, emoticons have a separate fan base. Even movies based on emoticons have been released. Crazy right!

All you have to do is just take your phone and choose any one of the emoticons from your keyboard and replicate the same! Give life to your emoticons.

#11 3D-Drawing

If you wish to flaunt your artistic side chose your name. If you wish to be modest, choose something that’s your favorite. 

3D Drawing

Be it a film, person, or thing. Draw and display them in 3D style so that the drawing looks so realistic.

#12 Tracing Power!

While you’re looking over your celebrity crush in a magazine, get some tracing paper. 


Trace over their facial features. Some may take a day to draw a human portrait, but you can even do it in under an hour!

#13 Calligraphy

Sometimes drawing is not all about shapes and figures, it’s all about the elegant way of the artform.


Take a piece of paper and look around you. The moment when you see the first word, try to replicate the same in the form of calligraphy. It definitely makes you feel so satisfied!

#14 Floral Drawing

Drawing flowers is always been a part of our childhood days. If you are looking for a perfect way to kill your boredom then the floral drawing is the best among the list.

Floral Drawing

Drawing flowers is one of the easy things to draw when you are bored. 

Take a piece of paper and start drawing your favorite flower. In higher chances, you can even enhance the same to have a beautiful rangoli design. 

#15 Patterns and Textures

There is nothing more relaxing than drawing stripes, waves, patterns, and spots. 

Patterns and Textures easy things to draw

Try drawing many empty circles on a page and fill them with different patterns and textures. This way of drawing is technically known as zentangle.

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