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Reading Comprehension - How do I start preparing?

Essentials Tips To Handle Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension (RC) is part of all the major exams conducted in India. It can be tough for some and very time consuming for most of us. Remember, increasing the speed in RC has no rules or formulae. It is a gradual process and requires determination and effort.

Reading Comprehension

You will get a passage drawn from various areas like pure science, political science, economy, literature, medicine etc., It can vary in no. of words and difficulty level. There are some passages which are easy to understand and can be easily comprehended, while others may be challenging. The meaning of difficulty level also varies from person to person.

While attempting RC, one has to understand the idea of the passage and draw inferences. This is followed by the set of multiple choice questions that one has to attempt. Remember not to assume anything on your own. You have to stick to the facts mentioned in the passage.

Significance of RC

When you start working in a company, you have to go through several files and report. You are not expected to understand each file and report in detail, but to understand a gist of it in a lucid manner, without wasting much time.

In order to assess this capability of a candidate, RCs are a major part of the Aptitude test. RC also determines the ability of a person to understand other's viewpoints.

1st Step towards improving RC: READ A LOT, READ VARIETY

So, you must be thinking that I have been reading books right from Nursery and still my speed is slow. The reason is, you have been sticking on to the same genre all this while. This usually happens because while reading, we develop our own interest in particular genre and ignore the rest. Suppose a person has deep interest in politics, and he reads all the political news in the newspaper, but does not read other sections like business, sports, technology. So, when an RC on politics comes, he finds it easy, but anything on literature is scary to him.

It is important that you Read fiction, sociology, newspaper editorials, polity, science, technology, business, finance. Don't restrict yourself to few important articles, read whatever is handy and interesting. Remember to get out of your comfort zone in terms of reading.

Once you are done with a book or an article, try to paraphrase in your own words. You can also write book reviews or your opinion of the article. This will increase your understanding of the article better and also help you determine if you have understood it correct in the first place.

Start Reading. And Practice a lot. The self-learning packages at has more than 40 reading passages for students to practice.